Warface game

Warface is f2p online fps game which I'm working on now. I did set of textures and buildings for this game including design development for some environment parts, made building prototypes for several levels with few vehicles. Here is the latest trailer for a game, all copirights to Crytek and Tencent.

and official screenshots.
I did most envirounment parts (models and textures) for level from this shot, including main building in the middle, you can see it in video above (second 0.15-0.19):

I did textures for buildings in this level (on the left) and ruined tower with some ruins (on the background):

I did textures and participate in visual development of Afghanistan levels

I've made this building which was a prototype and used as a base (textures and style)  for the most afghan architecture constructions in the game

Afghan street view

Municipal building which I did for the game

Some vehicle stuff

Hangar. I did almost all architecture and textures for this level, also I made cargo containers

Favela. I developed textures for architecture and participate in visual development for this setting

 screen from the game level

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