Secret Agent

   So. Year 2034, cold war has not ended. Race of arms has reached improbable scales.
Leading Soviet scientist Vasily Sokolov develops the "Boris".
Boris - supermodern droid, developed for needs of USSR army.
Appointment - espionage.

   Technical characteristics:
- new generation AI, self-training included.
- completely independent. The battery of new type, rough time of a stock of energy is about 120 years
- made of heavy-duty materials
- equipped by modern tracking devices
- stealth camouflage (technologies of the opponent do not allow to mark it)

   As the Soviet propagation informs, Boris has allowed councils to surpass the contender in level of innovative technologies. Its working out is a turning-point in the history of opposition.
Unfortunately dearness and technological complexity have allowed to make only one pre-production copy of droid.

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